Good bye, my oldest friend

Hello solitude my oldest friend
This letter that I’ve just sent
To you my dearest companion
That rushes to you like stallion
Is to wish farewell for I don’t need
More of your service I dearest deemed
For another feat has come to me
That stretches farther than anyone can see
It looks like the universe at first glance 
That seems endless from my stance
But resides in a frame on the wall 
Almost constrained and that’s not all
It fulfills my needs present and past…

When I was born you came as cask
But out came another with a flask
Sailing the waters from my youth
And until now became my the truth
That is when I looked upon the frame
Hanging from the wall, that came
To me that I wasn’t all alone 
And love isn’t what I found or done
It was a mirror where I saw
That you, my solitude had been gone
To another place, to comfort another soul

Good bye old friend I say to you, even though you had been gone a while.

©Carlos di Paulo Zozaya


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