I can refer now to the freedom of speech

When anyone expresses an idea publicly, that person should expect a reply, regardless of the outcome.

Having said that, I can refer now to the freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is a right in most countries nowadays, and you can say almost anything throughout any media you see fit, however you should be wary that to an action there´s an equal reaction due to a simple social equation: Not everyone will be in accordance to you, and, should your words be offensive to whoever reads them, most likely you will get a hateful reply.

But worry not!

When an individual lacks a thing called “emotional intelligence” will most likely feel offended by just about anything that doesn´t come close to his/ her personal beliefs and, in theory, those are the people that will launch viscerally against you personally and not at what you wrote, because to their eyes you impersonate the ultimate evil, after all, how dare you think differently?

Yet, the same protection of freedom of speech that gives you the right to say anything (or almost) also applies to those who react violently in their comments in social media, for example. You can´t have one and not the other.

That people who publicly state any fallacy and want to force you to be an accomplice to their deranged dreams are also protected by the same rights.

Amidst the plurality, it´s almost impossible to be politically correct due to the mental laceration suffered by sensible people who refuse to turn the page and go on with their lives but choose to engage in an endless flow of non-sanctum adjectives trying to defend their arguments without giving any ground whatsoever, despite provided proof.

Then, What´s the point of the freedom of speech if not a possible learning experience?

We must remember that social interaction is the result of thousands of years in evolution and as early humans gathered for protection also shared knowledge that triggered the birth of new technologies thus developing a path in the brain that would create a specific synapsis for creativity towards everyday problems and life would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible otherwise.

Up to the past century, censorship was a means of control but with the advent of computers, internet, and other means of globalized expression, that control deemed impossible to keep and a tsunami of information started to overflow everywhere and people´s ideas could not be contained anymore, but a great revolution and a newly discovered freedom comes with a cost: Among all the menagerie of greatness came lies, misinformation, all sorts of smoke curtains and cyber crime unfolded.

Anyone who has anything to say can freely say it finding its way to different kinds of people willing to believe and follow a cause. It has been a means of construction and destruction and with the emotional intelligence in decline, more people find the worst causes to follow because they are catered to believe so. Internet and public schools in some countries are a niche for people with emotional distress to propagate their messages, like the “gender isn´t defined by nature”, even though the word gender comes from “gene” and “genes” have the ultimate say into who´s what when they become alive. Gender is not an ideology, like Marxism of capitalism, for example, when one can choose between either in the morning and change to the other at night.

I think freedom of speech should serve as a discussion platform where ideas are set forth in the pursuit of knowledge and not a means of control, as censorship was just a few years ago.

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