Once were, always be

There is no beginning and no end
For the things that are always were
For the things that once were
Will be again knocking at our door
As a new guest coming from a far
Yet from within, not foe nor friend
Just one minuscule living particle
A speck, such as earth´s sight from space...

But it never left, remained dormant
Right at our doorstep, silent, unseen
Until it rose with might in broad day light
Yet out of sight, neglected for some time
Such as love at first sight or hate  
Taking us by faint surprise

And it will sleep again right under our feet
And we will wonder how great
Humanity is by looking at all new creations
Technology, science, tests and other feats
That arose from despair and sorrow
But reality will tell that a simple being
That was always there came and left
Taking away for a moment, hope
And stories and legends will emerge
To try to reconcile the knowledge acquired
That a very tiny life form did almost
Knock humanity out of this planet
So fear not of bigger greater things
Better learn from what can´t be seen
That has always been here and always will be…

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Carlos di Paulo Zozaya

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