On to you once again

Maybe this will work… Feel free to comment

 There is nothing better than to watch 
The sunshine´s reflection on your eyes
And your mouth gracefully smiling
Joyfully sparking, like the first star one evening
And as the light caresses your aroused skin
My open hands and fingers long for you
Ever so much as to wonder whether be this true
And your open arms close surrounding me
My hands take on the travelling task, upon discovering
A brand new terrain, unmapped, pristine and joyful
And trembling desires like earthquakes arise upon
This proximity, closing on much more
And from the forthcoming of a bright new day
Till the brink of dusk
Your eyes resemble a pleasurable nebula
Sparking stars, comets and things
From the caressing, loving, kissing
Fondling between the cover sheets
Frolicking like lost herds of sheep
Until the darkness of the night takes over
And your eyes are the only beacon available
To find my way on to you once again

Carlos di Paulo Zozaya

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