Might be her

I have seen her before, so I thought

She sat painlessly at the front of the class

Maybe believing it was just another

Day sequestered in a room


I wasn´t looking at her glasses

Loosely hanging from the tip of her nose

Or the brown blouse showing more than cloth

Or her bare knees figuring out how to set wider apart


Or her smile when looking at me from above her spectacles


Maybe we met in some other place but this

But with her glasses on I couldn´t tell for sure

Might be a resemblance of someone else

Some one that I met in another place but this


Maybe it was dark when we met in a bar… might be


Whether we met or not makes no difference

But with those clothes on I couldn’t tell for sure

If we met at a party or a campus library

Or just read about her in a book


When the class is over and papers turned in I remembered

That we met closing the door at some other room

In another place sequestered by each other

Saying aloud what she whispered then in my ear


Inside the classroom where we did not meet…


©Carlos di Paulo Zozaya




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