ThinkThink and convert

Make Mine Thoughts Real

Materialize what in my mind lives

Move my thoughts and achieve

Touch you gently until you think about me

Think so hard that you cannot separate

Both worlds, reality and thoughts…

I stopped for a moment

Your smile caught my attention.

Your lips parted showing

Showing just your teeth

Enough to shine in contrast

With the colour of your skin

But cinnamon is not my favorite

I drink the coffee better, sweet as you

Not bitter, with some creamer

To soften the impression

When imagining I was drinking you…

like coffee…

Sitting next to where I found

I found you woman, whose skin reminded me

How I long to dwell, and open my mouth

Lips attached to the smoothness of your skin

As porcelain feels, same as my cup

Even when the liquid warms the rim

And the inside burns with good reason

Because I warm it to the use and reason

To sip it slowly, like I savor you

So while I think about it, delighted

Your skin is still your skin, like silk

But with a great flavor, coffee…


©Carlos di Paulo Zozaya

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