Standing there, in front of me

With that luminescent presence

Immaculate I could say in essence

Savoring your candid lips


And your pulse pronounces

In certain Morse code denounces

The letters in my name entices

To arise from behind my clothes


Losing it burned skin like, like flakes

Floating downwards amidst the heat

Raised from the cauldron of meeting

In this precise spot, lover´s cradle


And I, the man who enjoyed your nudity

In awe of expectation denouncing

Not prudence or chastity but desire

When donning your blouse when done


And I expecting to see it falling in a new

Cascade of emotions palpitating

Geyser like erupting once more

In response to your non ending moans


From caressing your thirsty skin

When no light is needed for you glow

With that luminescent presence

While longing for much more from you…


©Carlos di Paulo Zozaya

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