Odes from love…

“Memories are an essential part of living. We live to remember and when the time comes, we live thorough our memories…

…To live, breathe, move, act, feel, weep, love … all of these are parts of our life, of our remembrances, of who we are; I am today, the result of what I was yesterday, therefore, everything I can deem from my past is much appreciated by me, whether it be love, passion or pain, this last one I rather leave it aside, although from time to time, comes to light amidst unexpected situations, as a reminder of my cruise on this realm we call existence…

Passion and eroticism are an essential part of us. These elements add salt and pepper to the recipe of life. The speed of cooking depends directly on the flame that ignites it every day.

This flame is activated, undoubtedly, by our primal instincts, the necessary fuel of sexual desire, but when carrying out this act, for the sole purpose of preserving the human species, would be very much like black and white, the blindness of color between the relations of a couple.

The colors, however, with their different tonalities and nuances, accelerate the heart rate and the pupils dilate, all the senses become alerted with the fluidity of the blood running through the body, simply by coming into contact with the being that is object of our dreams, our love.

Eroticism causes, calls and pushes human impulses to engage in sexual intercourse. It propitiates the elements to enact the fantasies and builds the environment on which the mind, as a faithful writer, has already described the stage and staged the actors; it only requires a touch with the tips of the fingers, to begin the magical dance in bed, the sheets and the room. Although there are those who do not require such additions to merge into this colorful flame of desire. The world is adequate for passion, “il amour”…”

Translated from the book “Odas de amor y pasión” (Odes of love and passion) written by ©Carlos di Paulo Zozaya. 2016, All rights reserved


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