You call my name and give me a space

Tenderize my ears with your words

and warm breath

Entertain my thoughts

around your luscious waist

Stopple my vision

with your worldly pleasures while

My hands in total darkness sizing you

Mentally tracing the path

for this sublime feeling

So that when we are

consumed in this pyre

In which I am fire

and you´re hearth

Be exhausted after so much

tracing with my fingers

The fabulous geography

Of your whole being with me

in total gloom

Emulating a total eclipse

inside the bedroom…


I find myself painting your figure

to the moans setting the pace

a pace dictated by my excited heart…

And I lose myself between

the reality and the motif

of what is embodied in the canvas.

And upon reviewing my work,

almost finished, it is as if you were

still present at the day´s end,

as if the sound produced

by these brushes printing your traces,

would recite your name

and call out to you.


Translated from the book “Odas de amor y pasión” by ©Carlos di Paulo Zozaya

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