If you weren´t frobidden


I´d to you what´s permitted

I´d also allow my self

To do what´s forbidden

Enacting hidden promises


I´d take the best from your days

And fine liqueur brew with them

To sprinkle it over your skin

And with thirsty lips taste

With my mouth your happiness


If you weren´t frobidden


I´d go with you hand in hand

With forbidden passion I´d kiss you

And with me take to where

Living dreams are knitted

Without care of prying eyes

And with force slam the door

To intimate without remorse

Delays or prohibitions…


If you weren´t frobidden


A dream come true I´d make of you

Belong to us the bodies would

And wouldn´t matter time any more

Because unforbidden we would be

We would be… permitted


©Carlos di Paulo Zozaya

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